Let the mind lead so the body can follow…

GentleBirth is a workshop that combines evidence based information with brain science such as mindfulness, CBT, sports psychology, and medical hypnosis to prepare your for a positive birth. This class improves your emotional resilience and changes your pain perception for a more comfortable birth. It reduces our fear and builds your confidence. You’ll fell calmer and more in control.  A subscription to the GentleBirth App is included; with mindfulness, breathing, imagery and hypnosis tracks for practice as well as the informational content to review.


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“Words will never be able to explain our gratitude to Heather. On February 10th, 2017 our son was born. Thanks to Heather, I was able to achieve exactly the birth I wanted. This is our first baby and I knew if I wanted to have a successful natural birth I would need a fantastic coach to provide me with knowledge and support before, during, and after labor. Heather offered just that. Before our son was born my Husband and I took GentleBirth Classes from her to help prepare us. Heather provided us with resources for birth affirmations and hypnosis recordings to listen to the weeks prior to delivery to help set the mood and prepare our minds. These resources helped immensely during my 21-hour labor.”

Kristy M.

“What Happens In The Mind Is Just As Important As What The Body Is Doing”

GentleBirth App

 Current Workshop Dates:

October 7& 14  12:30-6:00

November 2, 9 & 16  6:00-9:00

December 9 & 16 12:30-6:00

January 9, 16, & 23  6:00-9:00

February 24 & 25 12:30-6:00


Reduce Fear. Build Confidence.