Childbirth Education

Let the mind lead so the body can follow…

The Mind Centered Birth Education series combines evidence based information with mental training. Prepare the mind and body for your positive birth experience. You will learn about the basic aspects of birth and how to assess what your body needs as well as train the brain to shift its focus to reduce the amount of pain you experience. This childbirth education will make you feel calmer, more confident and prepared for your positive birth!

Education Series Components:

Section 1: Birth Basics

  • What are your goals?
  • Physiology & Hormones
  • Stages and Phases of Labor
  • Signs of Labor
  • It’s ALL Progress
  • Normal vs Common
  • Build your birth team
  • Childbirth Secrets of a Doula

Sections 2: Facilitating Labor Progress–Position of Baby

  • Bonding–Getting to Know Baby
  • Cardinal Movements of Baby’s Journey
  • How Position of Baby Can Affect Labor
  • How to Optimize Baby’s Position-Before and During Labor
  • Key Positions for Practice

Section 3: Metal Preparation

  • Assess the Body Then Shift the Focus
  • All in the Brain
  • Why do we have Pain
  • Stress Response–What does it do to your body and hormones?
  • Mindfulness and Hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Birth Place Expectations and Birth Plans
  • Making Decisions

Sections 4: Comfort Measures and Labor Progression

  • Room Environment
  • Fear of the Unknown–Break the Cycle
  • Movement
  • Comfort Techniques
  • Acupressure
  • Find your Rhythm
  • Pain Medications Available
  • Planning for the Unexpected

Current Series:

The four sessions are on-line for you to watch at your leisure. Then once a month, I will have an in person session for questions, demonstration, and practice. This class will be about 2.5 hours. A workbook to accompany the sessions will be mailed or delivered to you when you sign up.

Current dates for in person session:

3/4/23 10:am

4/4/23 6:30pm

5/9/23 6:30pm

6/3/23 10am

7/11/23 6:30pm

Education Series is $225 but is ONLY $100 when combined with birth doula services.

Email Heather Norris at for any questions. Payment can be made easily via Paypal below or Venmo @Heather-Norris-12. Please fill our the registration form below as well.

Practicing using a peanut ball for support while trying to get some rest. The peanut ball help keep the pelvis open for baby to move down.

Childbirth Education Series:

Four online sessions and one in person class. Includes workbook.


Please fill out this form when registering for my class. Once I have this information and your payment, you will be given access to the online sessions and mailed the workbook.

Fees are non-refundable but transferable to another in person series date if availability exists.

“Words will never be able to explain our gratitude to Heather. On February 10th, 2017 our son was born. Thanks to Heather, I was able to achieve exactly the birth I wanted. This is our first baby and I knew if I wanted to have a successful natural birth I would need a fantastic coach to provide me with knowledge and support before, during, and after labor. Heather offered just that. Before our son was born my Husband and I took Classes from her to help prepare us. Heather provided us with resources for birth affirmations and hypnosis recordings to listen to the weeks prior to delivery to help set the mood and prepare our minds. These resources helped immensely during my 21-hour labor.” 

Kristy M.

“What Happens In The Mind Is Just As Important As What The Body Is Doing”

Reduce Fear. Build Confidence.


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