My husband Matt and I with our first born daughter Audrey.

Heather Norris CD(DONA) GBCE


As a certified and experienced birth doula and childbirth educator, I know that every birth is different. You probably have a sense for what kind of birth you desire already. I’m here to help coach and guide you to informed decisions that support your vision.

I believe that birth can be an amazing, life-changing experience for you, your partner and your baby. I’ve worked with parents during natural births, inductions, as well as higher-risk situations like breech, VBAC’s and cesarean births. I work in homes, birthing centers and hospitals. I’m there to support your values in the setting that you choose.


Through my journey of having two children I recognized the need for women to have more support during labor and to feel confident with their body in birth.

I believe that our bodies know how to birth if given the right support. Historically, birth was an intuitive act.  A “village” of women came to a birth…grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends would surround a mother with comfort and knowledge.

Western medicine has made birth safer in many ways for mothers and babies. There is a time and place for all things. But I believe that we could benefit from the intuitive approach of times past; tapping into the power of the mind. I can be the doula that helps you bridge the benefits of modern medicine and the intuitive power of your own body. 


“Heather was unbelievable throughout pregnancy and birth. She is extremely knowledgeable through pregnancy, offering birth courses, answering questions, and meeting one-on-one. I truly do not think I could’ve had an unmedicated birth without her. I was able to labor at home for 15 hrs before going to the hospital, and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable knowing when to go without her. Not to mention she kept me comfortable at home with many different pain relieving techniques and guided my husband on what to do as well. Once at the hospital, she knew exactly what to do and say to get me to the end without needing medication or an epidural, even when I was struggling and feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore. She was also an amazing advocate in making sure the medical team stuck to my desired birth plan. As an added bonus, she takes incredible photos during the pushing phase and first moments with the baby which are so special and I’m so glad we have. If you’re debating using her, don’t hesitate. I promise you she will make your experience better and more comfortable no matter what your birth plan is.”

Alex M.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): May 1998, Boise State University
  • Birth Doula Certification completed: May 2014; Recertifications: May 2017, May 2020
  • Heartsaver CPR Certification: May 2015
  • GentleBirth Instructor Certification: February 2017
  • Basic Life Support Provider Certification: July 2019
  • Group B Strep 11, Microbirth School, Toni Harmon
  • Rebozo Me Tenderly: February 2020, Angela Leon Ramos CPM
  • GentleBirth Childbirth Education Training: December 2016, Tracy Donegan CNM
  • Spinning Babies Training: October 2016, Lorenza Holt
  • Intuitive Birth Teacher Training: April 2016, Holly Lammer RN
  • Lamaze Childbirth Education Training: August 2015, Terri Shilling LCCE
  • Breastfeeding for Professionals: February 2014, Lynelle King IBCLC
  • DONA Birth Doula Training: April 2013, Kyndal May AdvCD(DONA) 
  • TVD Conference, Boise ID : February 2020
  • The Tongue: A Mighty Muscle, Southern Medical Association: July 2019
  • TVD Conference Boise ID: October 2016
  • DONA Conference Seattle WA: July 2016
  • DONA Virtual Conference: September 2015
  • Treasure Valley Doulas Conference: April 2014
Mind Centered Birth serves clients at all Treasure Valley hospitals, birth centers and home births with independent midwives:
St. Lukes–Boise, Meridian and Nampa.
St. Alphonsus–Boise and Nampa
Boise River and Birth Center
New Beginnings
Treasure Valley Midwives


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