You Don’t Have To Fear Your Birth…

What if I told you it was possible to look FORWARD to and be EXCITED about your birth!

Let me show you how to have a positive and satisfying birth experience…

Mind Centered Birth Services will give you tangible resources and support before, during, and after the birth.  My birth doula services and Childbirth Education; support and prepare you, during your pregnancy, to be calmer and feel more in control of your birth experience. It does not matter if you want a natural birth, opting for pain meds or know that you are scheduling a cesarean birth…doula services can be for everyone.

I am Heather Norris and I provide my birth support, education and photography services in Boise ID and the surrounding Treasure Valley.  Call now to set up a consultation to discuss your pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum desires. At the consultation we will also go over my contract, payment structure and my backup support.

Having me as your birth doula will give you peace of mind!

Benefits of Birth Doula Support:

  • Decrease in pain with a reduction of fear and a boost in self-esteem.

  • Relief from anxiety and fear with prenatal planning.

  • More satisfying birth experience through continuous support.

  • Significantly decreased likelihood of interventions with advocacy education.

  • Better infant outcomes with lowered use of interventions.

  • Less use of epidurals and pain medications with use of doula’s comfort measures.

  • Decreased partner/spouse stress with comfort technique practice and knowledge support.

  • Shorter labors with prenatal preparation and continuous doula support.

  • Increased breastfeeding success with postpartum support.

COVID 19 may shift parts of pregnancy and birth. These are uncertain times and hospitals have put into place procedures to protect all involved. Preparation for birth is very important and doula support can still be very essential to a positive birth. Navigating birth during this time can have added confusion and stress. My doula services will reduce your anxiety and give you an anchor during this time. We will discuss all of these aspects together during a consultation.

“Having Heather as my doula was like having the best of a sister, mother and best friend, but with lots of knowledge about birth.”

Amy N.

Reduce Fear. Build Confidence.


Mind Centered Birth serves clients at all Boise, Meridian, and Nampa Idaho hospitals, birth centers and home births with independent midwives:
St. Lukes–Boise, Meridian and Nampa.
St. Alphonsus–Boise and Nampa
Boise River and Birth Center
Mercy In Action Birth Center
New Beginnings
Treasure Valley Midwives

“I felt like Heather was very involved and helped answer my questions but also provided my husband and I space to decide what was best for us and our daughter.”

​Danielle S.